Cookies Policy

Information in compliance with personal data protection regulation.

What are cookies? And what do we use them for?

A cookie is a small piece of data stored on your web browser while you are browsing our web site.

Cookies are used to record your browsing activity on our web site, so whenever you visit it again, it can identify you and set up its content according to your browsing habits, identity and preferences.

Cookies are harmless, do not contain either malicious code or malware (such as virus, trojans, computer worms, etc.), that might harm your terminal (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.), however, they do have some impact on your right to personal data protection, given that cookies collect certain information concerning you (such as browsing habits, identity, preferences, etc.).

Which data does a cookie store?

Cookies don’t usually collect special categories of personal data (sensitive data). The stored data is usually technical, on personal preferences, on content customisation, etc.

What kind of cookies are there?

Generally speaking, there are five kinds of cookies:

  • Technical cookies:

    They are the most basic cookies. They enable the user to browse a web site, platform or application and to make use of the different options or services available, such as, for instance, control of data traffic and communication, authentication, access to restricted access sections, remember items included in an order, make an order purchasing process, apply for either registration or attendance to an event, implement security features while browsing, store contents for video /sound broadcasting, share content through social media.

  • Personalisation cookies:

    Those cookies enable the user to access the service through a series of pre-defined features according to the settings on the user’s terminal, such as language, web browser used to access the service, regional setting where the access to the service is made, etc.

  • Analytical cookies:

    Cookies that enable the service provider to both track and analyse user behaviour on the web sites linked to them. The collected data through this kind of cookies is used to measure activity on web sites, applications or platforms, and for profiling users of those web sites, applications and platforms, with a view to introducing improvements depending on the analysis of the users’ usage data.

  • Advertising cookies:

    Cookies that manage, as efficiently as possible, advertising spaces which, as the case may be, the service provider have included on the web site, application or platform from where the requested service is provided according to criteria, such as edited contents, or frequency ads are displayed.

  • Behavioural advertising cookies:

    Cookies that manage, as efficiently as possible, advertising spaces which, as the case may be, the service provider have included on the web site, application or platform from where the requested service is provided. These cookies store users‘ behavioural information collected through continuous monitoring of users’ browsing habits, then obtaining an specific profile development to display advertisement according to it.

What are same-site and third-party cookies?

  • Same-site cookies:

    Same-site cookies are owned, created and managed by the service provider who provides the service requested by the user.

  • Third-party cookies:

    Cookies created by other entities different from the service provider (external services or providers, such as Google).

What kind of cookies does our web site store?

We proceed to relate the kind of cookies our web site stores and its purpose as follows:

Type of cookie When and how it is saved Purpose
Analysis cookies Measurement and analysis of user browsing, monitoring and analysis of user behaviour, creation of anonymous user browsing profiles, integration of improvements based on the analysis of users’ usage data. Websites visited, frequency, number and repetition of visits, browsing time, searches made, links accessed, browser used, operator providing the service, location linked to the IP address.
Technical cookies Entry management and maintenance of the user session, personalization of browsing, load balance and provision of services to the user. User access, profile details, reservations, bookings and/or provision of services.
Personalization cookies Facilitate and remember selected by the user in the navigation. Allow the user to access the service in English and Spanish.
Advertising cookies Available on the website to offer interesting advertisements to users, identification of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and improvement thereof. User browsing interests, preferences shown, form of interaction with the website, advertisements shown and opened, websites visited.

What can be done with cookies?

Cookies may be deleted, accepted or blocked, as you wish, for that you just have to set up your web browser conveniently.

Anytime you may prevent cookies from being installed (blocking) on your computer if the corresponding setting of your browser has been made, however in such case we won’t be able to ensure the proper functioning of the different features on our web site.

Check below links to manage and block cookies depending on the web browser you use:

Besides you may delete cookies stored on your web browser if you go to setting options.